Beautiful day

Well today was a pretty relax day , kids got up later then usual so mommy got to sleep in.
max learned a new sound : Kisses .... he can smooch up for kisses its sooo cute!
Lea our cat had a baby kitten on the 28th , only one i know its odd but it happends lol 
Mama and baby are doing great , baby is starting to slowly open his/her eyes, its still too early to determine the gender but we are keeping baby with mama , since she only had 1 , i cant bring myself to give the little poof ball up lol

A few shots of the kids...


Been Busy lately re-organizing everything for summer and keeping up with the usual...

Nate turned 4 of the 30th of march , Gabby just turned 2 on the 24th and max is 7 months old..
they grow up so so fast :(


First post

Hey well this is my first post...

i found this site through my friend missy :) thanks girl .

Well lets see today i was suposed to in for work but yesturday i quit ill post about it when i have more time... So im gonna stay in with my babies and watch some movies, clean a lil and then attack the laundry that haunting my bathroom floors.