Time flys by....

Its been a while since i posted but i am going to be around alot more... i havent had the internet since may so thats my escuse for not posting...

So Im not pregnant anymore ,On August 17th 2010 i gave birth to a beautiful baby boy we named Nicolas .He was born on a beautiful sunny morning weighing 7lbs 3 oz and mesuring 19 inches.He is such a great baby!! We tried to breastfeed but Nick did not want it to happend ... so we have been feeding him formula . People may say that im a bad mom for bottlefeeding my baby but i have to say that i breastfed my first 2 kids with no problems and my 3rd and 4th child did not want the boob at all and my bottlefed babies were and are just as healthy as my boob-fed kids , so call me what you want but this is what works best for our family.

Here he is , Our little Nicolas:

and here he is now , almost 2 months old :

leave your comments please , i love hearing from people :)


26 weeks!!!

I cant believe time has gone by this fast !! Already 26 weeks and only 97 days to go before we meet our little Nicolas

This has been the best pregnancy ever! I do get morning sickness but after having 3 kids you get used to it pretty quick hehe. The kids are getting more involved and cannot wait to meet their new little brother . We move in June and then we will be able to start the nursery and the kids are very excited to help out :)

Here are my 26 week belly pics :)


April 28th, 2010

Beautiful day today ! I got alot of cleaning done and even got time to bake some yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies :)

Wierd thing happend yesturday , it SNOWED! all day !!! Crazy huh?
Youd think we would be done with snow , the month of may is coming for pete sake...
Oh well thats what we get in canada , the weather man is never right lol


Happy 3rd Birthday Princess!

23 weeks !!!
Im feeling great but i have been getting major leg and back pains ... they make me weak in the knees sometimes but other then that i feel great :) Nicolas is moving around alot more now too :)

Gabrielle 3rd birthday party was today , the weather was beautiful and all the guests had a great time and it turned out just like we planned :)

She got lots of wonderful gifts and talked about her day all the way back home :)

I will post more pics up as soon as my mom sends me what she took with her camera .
Now im sooo tired ! i need to sleep i was up at 7 am baking and preparing everything at my moms and got to bed at like 2am last night...Night Night !!


22 Weeks and 1 day :)
We've made it halfway !!!

We also chose a name and we decided that our baby boy would be named Nicolas .
Ive always loved the name and alot of people have suggested it when i was pregnant with Nathaniel & Maxime . His full name will be Nicolas Richard , Richard is my father in law and Nicolas is the masculine of my mother in laws name (Nicole)so it just fits perfectly :)

In just 4 days my daughter Gabrielle will be 3 !! 3 already... where did my itty bitty baby go? At birth she was 5lbs 15 oz , 18 inches and 5 lbs when we left the hospital and now shes 35 lbs and 2ft1 O_O ! Im glad to say that even though me and her daddy arent together anymore we stayed close friends and get along great, Its so hard for me to see the children that have two separated parents that don't get along and make it harder on the children by asking questions and putting the child in the middle of a never ending tug of war. Tomorrow me and Guy (Gabrielle's dad) are going shopping for her 3rd birthday , since we are planning the party together we thought it would be great to pick the gifts and all the supplies together for Gabrielle :)

I cant wait to get out of the house and shop a lil , Ive had a rough week .
Earlier this week we all got sick , me , the kids and Etienne ... But a moms work is never done so i took care of everyone including myself so it was a tough week!Besides taking care of them i had to take care of the cleaning and cooking , being pregnant and having 4 other people to care for when your sick is tough!

Tonight i am relaxing with Etienne , we rented law abiding citizen on pay per vu . My brother in law told me it was good so i am intrigued to see it .

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather we got today in Gatineau , it was really nice and when its nice out i feel much more motivated to get my housework done :) It just helps! What do you think? What gets you in the mood to clean ?