Me @ 20 weeks pregnant with our 4th baby :)

My 3 adorable kiddos
Baby number 4 , Nicolas :)

Hello Hello!

Alright so alot has happend since my last post in 2009 ...

as you can see from the pics above ,We are expecting baby number 4 in august :) Baby was a girl and then decided to grow a penis so now baby is a boy , it was a total shock but im glad to know hes a boy cuz our baby shower was planned for a girl so now its not too late for everyone to exchange their girly gifts to boyish gifts. We decided to name him Nicolas :) April 22nd is my due date and we cant wait to add another little rough and tough boy to our family <3

A little update on the rest of the family .

Nate hasnt been to speech therapy in over 6 months and he is doing SOOO good , our speech therapist gave us a little break and will see nate just before school starts in september .
I cant believe my little man is going to school this year , he grew up so fast !!!
he turned 5 on march 30th , he weighs 41lbs and mesures ( 3ft 7 )

Gabrielle is Gabby , shes still the same rough tomboy with a heart of gold ... She looks more like me each day and we can say the caracter comes with it too lolll 3ft 1 and she weighs 37lbs

Max is growing fast , he will be 2 in september he weighs 31 lbs and mesures 2ft 8 .

other then that we are getting ready to pack up and move again , we dont know when but im waiting on an answer for a low budget home ... since we are low income and only have 1 salary , we applied for housing that would cost us half of what it does now . which will make it much easier to mange our money better .

so yep thats it for now , kids are getting crazy again

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  1. You look great, Martine! Love the baby belly! Good luck with the move...hope you find something nice soon!

  2. You look awesome and you're on the home stretch now!! Congrats :) Look forward to reading more!